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Busk It is an online season of work celebrating all things Actor-Muso.

On Mondays at 6pm - Benji and Abby Busk It with… We’ll release a weekly Vlog/Podcast on You Tube and SoundCloud respectively, hosted by our very own Benji and Abby. We’ll be delving into how we create our work and talking to special guests about all things Actor-Muso.


On You Tube and Soundcloud.

Episode 1 - Introductions - We explore how we formed as a company, what we've been doing in lockdown and whats coming up during our online season of work.

Episode 2 - Wondertown - We talk about how we made our production of Wondertown at the Ugly Duck in 2018 and what the future has in store for the show. With guest Elliot Mackenzie (Musical Director). 

Episode 3 - Pardoned  - We explore Pardoned which we presented at The Other Palace in 2018 and developed it further in the Sterts Theatre, Cornwall.

Episode 4 - The Wild Swans - This week we explore 'The Wild Swans' which we have been developing. Featuring Eleanor Kane (Director) and Patrick Orkney (Company Member).

Episode 5 - This week we chat to actor-musician and composer Rob Gathercole about his career and his actor-muso Breaking Bad parody musical, ‘Say My Name’.

Episode 6 - Part 1 - Tomi Ogbaro chats to actor Shak Gabbidon-Williams (Hairspray & Motown) about their experiences at drama school.

Episode 6 - Part 2 - Tomi Ogbaro chats to actor Shak Gabbidon-Williams (Hairspray & Motown) about their experiences within the theatre industry.

Episode 1 - Introductions

Episode 2 - Wondertown

Episode 3 - Pardoned

Episode 4 - The Wild Swans

Episode 5 - Rob Gathercole

Episode 6 - Part 1 - Shak Gabbidon-Williams

Episode 6 - Part 2 - Shak Gabbidon-Williams

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