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Alan Turing - David Jackson
Joan Clarke, Policeman 2 - Emily Atkinson
Christopher Morcom, Chris Bryant, Peter Twinn - James Mear 
John Nicholson, Hugh Alexander, Arnold - Paddy Duff
Sam Gymiah, Dilly Knox, Harry, Briggs - Patrick Orkney 
Mr Speaker, Mrs Smith, Judge - Lydia Crosher
‘Stephanie Marshall’, Chief of Police, Doctor - Sophie Bevan 
Commander, Undergraduate, Policeman 1, Boy at the door - Carys McQueen

Book by Joel Nash

Music and Lyrics by James Hastings

‘Pardoned’ dramatises the incredible life story WW2 codebreaker Alan Turing who was convicted for being gay. The show also shines a light on John Nicolson MP’s unsuccessful attempt to pass the Turing Bill through Parliament. The Turing Bill, which was rejected by the government last year, was a piece of legislation that would have cleared the criminal records of gay men who were convicted for crimes that are no longer illegal. The show’s narrative flits between the Turing Bill debates of 2017 and the chaos of Alan’s astonishing life. This show is an exploration of gay equality in Britain as much as it is a celebration of Alan Turing. Through the unlikely form of the musical, we hope to share Alan’s journey from maths genius to accidental martyr.

Pardoned was first presented at The Other Palace Studio on Saturday 5th May 2018.

Creative Team:

Directed by Joel Nash

Musical Direction - James Hastings

Stage Manager - Tom Vasey

DSM - Faisa Ibrahim

Lighting Design - Verity Rose

Lighting Operator - Jordan Tinniswood

Sound Operator - Elliot Mackenzie

Set and Props - Lola Henderson

Costume Supervisors - Lauren Digby & Bethan Price

Produced by The Bohemians Theatre Company




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