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RB Wondertown Finals-8


Book, Music and Lyrics by Benjamin Mowbray

Wondertown is a musical based on Alice in Wonderland. This modern take on Lewis Carols classic tale explore the journey of Alice and her father Robert, who reinvent Wonderland connecting it to the people from the world around them. Wondertown is a contemporary story about a young girl growing up trying to find her political voice. 

Some feedback from Wondertown at Symposium 2017:

"Incredible! I could watch another few hours of it..."

"An eclectic collection of incredible talent."

"Can't put into words how awesome it was!

Loved the energy, harmonies, messages punctuated with the fab use of instruments. "

"Best thing I've seen in ages absolutely Hilarious!"

"So current which was awesome."

"Fantastic Songs - Great idea merging Politics and Fantasy, what a great combination!"

Wondertown took place at The Ugly Duck as part of Rose Bruford Colleges New Writing Season in June, 2018. 


Production Photos

Rehearsal Photos

Wondertown R&D 2017

Creative Team:

Directed by Benjamin Mowbray

Musical Direction - Elliot Mackenzie

Arrangements - Elliot Mackenzie and Company

Choreography - Abigail Middleton and Eleanor Kane

Dramaturg - Patrick Orkney

Marketing - Tomi Ogbaro
Stage Manager - Kielan Yates
Puppet and Props - Meggie Settle
Poster Design and Props - Lola Henderson 

Produced by The Bohemians Theatre Company

Chazz - Elliot Mackenzie

Alice - Emily Atkinson

Robert - Benjamin Mowbray

Rufus - Tomi Ogbaro
Harry - Joel Nash

Jennie/Queen - Eleanor Kane

Anthony - Jo Eaton-Kent

Marvin/Maggie - Patrick Orkney

Dilly/Margaret - Abigail Middleton

Douglas - James Hastings

Dianne - Kristin Lundemo Overøye

David - Jake Beltran




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