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Back to the Boards: Lucia Ricci

With the recent re-opening of theatres across the UK, we thought it might be nice to have a little chin-wag with performers and creatives who are heading back to work. Throughout the week we will be sharing a series of interviews where we unpack your hopes and fears for the future of our industry. Expect honest answers, shameless plugs and an eclectic array of stagey huns.

For our second instalment of 'Back to the Boards' we going to be having a little natter with a creative polymath by the name of Lucia Ricci. Trust me, she does it all!

So with out further ado I present to you 'Back to the Boards with Lucia Ricci'!

Lucia Ricci - Designer/Actor

Lucia (right) performing Juliet in a production of ‘Romeo and Juliet.’ Photo courtesy of the RSC Marketing Team.

In 3 words, tell us how you feel about returning to work in the theatre industry?

"Concerned. Unstable. Empowered."

What have you missed the most about working in the theatre industry?

"The collaboration and just the pure enjoyment of the day to day."

What have you missed the least about working in the theatre industry?

"The sense that everyone is pitching for what you want and the competition and the vulnerability that comes with it."

Some say that 2021 is the year of ‘establishing a new normal.’ Are there any changes you would like to see in our industry? And how do you think we should set about making those changes?

"I think there needs to be a resetting. I think we definitely need to champion the new, the varied and I think people should be given more of a chance to shine. Less pressures need to be put on certain areas."

Are there any personal reflections you’ve made during the pandemic which will affect the way you treat your career going forward?

"I’ve learnt that I want it. I definitely, definitely want it! I’ve worked for the NHS for the past two years whilst freelancing on the side. And freelancing obviously stopped, but I still had my job and I was just deeply unhappy in it."

Are there any shows (besides your own) that you’re really looking forward to opening?

"Ah! I’m really looking forward to every single west-end musical simply because of the amount of joy and ambition that they present!

That's all from us Bohos for today, but we'll be hitting you with another instalment of 'Back to the Boards' tomorrow!

Until then...




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