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We are a politically minded theatre company. The force that often drives the work we make is anger. Anger of injustice. Anger of inequality. Anger, frustration, confusion, upset, intrigue, passion, pride, wonder, amazement. We channel these feelings to create crazy little actor-musician shows. Stories about young women trying to find their political voice, gay men fighting for acceptance/justice and stories that empower young women through a 180 year old danish fairytale.

We have many more stories to tell. Many more people to challenge and hold to account. Many people to inspire. Gin to drink. Parties to have. All in support of making the world a more tolerable place for those we can hug with the work we make. Words only get us so far. Positive and constructive action will get us further.

We have taken time to reflect how we as a company can actively support the fight against racism, injustice and inequality. To start with we are going to listen and learn. We encourage you to join the conversation. We will be sharing more about what we will be actively doing in the weeks to come.



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