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  • Tahlia Norrish

Wondertown - Week 3

Updated: May 4, 2020

You can always tell when it is week 3 of rehearsals. The pervasive excitement and joy of creating a show starts to become somewhat tempered with a splash or two of fear and anxiety as you realise you actually need to get a lot of stuff together. But such is the journey of producing theatrical goodness!

It was another productive and involved week at The Bohemians HQ (i.e The Cabin at Rose Bruford College), that culminated with a stagger-through on the Friday afternoon. While it was clear we had a very clever and entertaining show on our hands (kudos again to Benji and Elliot), I think it is safe to say we have a LOT of work ahead of us in week 4.

That said, when you are in a company of such generous, supportive, talented and hard-working individuals, there is no need for concern. Instead, the HQ is filled with an overwhelming optimism and confidence that we will be able to pull together something pretty special with the chaotic spectacular that is WONDERTOWN. Let's go team!

Who can believe we open next week?! 😱 Make sure to book your tickets now to avoid missing out. We look forward to catching you all at The Ugly Duck!

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