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  • Tahlia Norrish

Wondertown - Week 4

Updated: May 4, 2020

Photo by Michael O'Reilly

Remember how I mentioned we had a LOT of work to do this week? Just to emphasise, we REALLY had a lot of work to do in week 4. But being the legendary Bohemian's we are, each and every one of us stepped it up 120% and committed to the hard yards, long hours, and excessive jazz hands to get it done. What a team.

This week was largely focused on refining the energetic, colourful and loveable explosion that was WONDERTOWN, and drawing out more of the depth, journey, and poignant real-life messages that permeate the show's narrative and music.

Fortunately we were aided by the indescribably wonderful Iain Reekie (our supervisor director, aka. the Yoda of theatre), who was able to provide the outside eye and perspective that we were needing at this stage. Because as funny as we may find Sean being a caterpillar, a certain cast member in a moustache, or the entire ensemble stealing lines from pop-culture films (spoiler alert!), it's pretty important the audience enjoy it just as much, and walk away with a desire for debate and discussion. So a big shout out to the one-and-only Iain Reekie!

We wrapped the week exhausted, yes. But we also wrapped the week knowing we had something not only magical and sparkly on our hands, but powerful and important too.

Bring on show week! 👊

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