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Busk It Round Up!

From 18th May to the 29th June we curated an online season of work as a way to explore new ways of working, keeping the company connected and to give you our followers and friends an insight into our process and work.


Benji and Abby Busk It with...

We explored how we formed as a company, created our work, talked to friends of the company and delved into the surface on some of the issues surrounding Black Lives Matter in the Industry.

We would like to thank James Hastings, Patrick Orkney, Eleanor Kane, Rob Gathercole, Shak Gabbidon-Williams and Tomi Ogbaro for their contribution to the podcast.

We are excited to share that we will be continuing to create the podcast on a monthly basis where company members will be talking to more industry professionals all about Actor-Muso work, industry chit chat and more.


Sound Cloud:


Busk It Breakout Artists

Over the course of 6 weeks we shouted about Actor-Musicians, Creatives Company Members, Associate Artists all who are passionate about Actor-Musician work as part of Busk It Breakout Artists.


Virtual Performances - Songs, Stories and Scenes

On Wednesdays throughout Busk It we shared a weekly virtual performance.Thank You to Joel Nash, David Fallon, Elliot Mackenzie, James Hastings, Eleanor Kane, Jessica Jolleys and Tomi Ograbo for their performances and Ryan Davies who provided animation for both the podcast/vlog and virtual performances.



Throughout Busk It we shared various blogs and articles written and created by friends and company members.

Musopedia! We created an online resource for Actor-Musician content online. We will continually try to update it so please do get in touch if you have additions to contribute.

Friend of the company, Tahlia Norrish, wrote a blog for us on the creative power of procrastination.

Also we were featured by Spy in the Stalls. Elliot and Benji chatted about The Bohemians, actor-musicianship, new musicals and more.

Check out our latest blog from company member Tomi Ogbaro reflecting on what it is to be a Black Actor-Musician.



Throughout Busk It company members took to Instagram to share their special skills giving insight into how we create our work.


Thank You for joining us throughout Busk It. We want to thank everyone who created work, contributed and engaged with the content. Keep an eye out for what happens next...



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